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About Our Approach to Information Solutions

Every organization is challenged with a variety of changing digital information problems and opportunities. There is a great feeling when you have an ideal objective and can bring the right people, skills, creativity, and work ethic to effect its solution.  As our client, you will have that professional satisfaction again and again on projects large and small. 

The approach that enables this is to become our own client when we become a part of your team.  We simply think, advise and act as we think you would if you had the same skills, resources and experience within yourself.  Thus we consider ongoing alternatives from your perspective only – your best interest only.

It’s actually more self-interested than it sounds. The result has been that we usually end up with all the creative and interesting work we can handle and enjoy happy, satisfied and energized clients who see us as a powerful new secret weapon in their organizational arsenal. And we like that role very much. It is very agreeable to be able to measure our own success not only by our income, but by the satisfaction, thanks and continued trust of our clients.

When we win for you, it’s a win for both of us.  We look forward to both solving and avoiding problems for you.


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Since 1983, Bernard Pobiak has been the principal designer and developer of diverse media and information driven websites, interactive private and public web databases, LAN systems, on and off-site imaging and video, and Internet media and information system solutions primarily for non-profit organizations and government institutions.

GSA contracting is done as Bernard Pobiak. Most recently, corporate operations have been organized as Pubcomm Group, Inc., a New York Corporation.

Highlights: 1983-2016
Numerous Technology Design and Development Solutions
from an evolving Virtual Company

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(in reverse chronological order)

-     Designer, creator and host of a web based Membership Records and Interactive Scientific Community System - - with multiple sub-organizations, dues e-commerce, automated email communications, membership services, committee system, events manager, strategic planning system, journal distribution and data mining for SIDNET, the Society for Investigative Dermatology. SIDNET is a professional membership organization serving scientists and physicians working in academic settings, researchers in government and industry, practicing dermatologists, residents and fellows, and members of the lay community interested in skin research. Redesign of SIDNET.ORG and several other associated organizations' websites was also accomplished. (Full system - User IDs required)

-   Fine Art Facimile Photography and Digital Post-Production: Fabricated and operated a feather-weight vaccuum page-flattening and stabilizing jig for digital photography and true digital reproduction of fragile and precious medieval manuscript pages, in concert with techniques we previously developed for rare art and material handling, manuscript spine support and color lighting techniques. Performed on-site imaging with the new vaccuum system at both private collector sites and at the Walters Museum in Baltimore, MD, hosted study sites with high resolution pages for scholars to perform studies and comparisons in preparation for an exhibition at the Walters, and produced images (150 MB each) for production of the high quality associated catalog and eventual book. Private high-quality photography and digital imaging of rare prints and medieval manuscripts has been an ongoing and confidential activity since the late 1980s.
- (All our imaging and imaging sites created are private and confidential to the collectors)

-     Producer and host of the most comprehensive published collection of the speeches of Dwight D. Eisenhower ever assembled.  All are searchable within the system and from Google and other Internet search engines. The Speeches collection are part of  the ongoing National Eisenhower E-Memorial- a portion of the National Eisenhower Memorial approved to be built across from the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

-     Designer , creator and host of the National Eisenhower Memorial Image Library, a database and delivery system with automated uploading, search, display and resizing functions for images  - a virtual image library giving scholars and the public instant access to Eisenhower related images and objects with full search and browsing capabilities.
User IDs required:  
Basic browsing UserID = password= test

-     Designer , creator and host of a web based Patient Insurance Records System with multi-case workers, reports, automated processing and tickler functions  for Caring Voice Coalition, a non-profit providing continuance and correction of health insurance for patients diagnosed with certain life-long illnesses. Full system - User IDs required

-     Converted and published the Presidential Papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower Online   The Johns Hopkins University editorial team of scholars spent twelve years searching for and annotating the provenanced presidential papers and diary entries for inclusion in their eight volume work that contains 3,640 individual presidential papers within 4,922 printed pages. The system is an acclaimed first online and now permanently available to the world.

-     Designer , creator and host of the online systems for the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium/Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (ICRC) service their 70 agencies representing more than 35,000 certified professionals worldwide. Developed sub-sites and listserve/forum systems for secure and public discussions.

-     Converted previous locked Flash web system of Caring Voice Coalition to HTML so they could control the day-to-day changes to their website themselves.

-     Designer , creator and host of the website and online systems for the Eisenhower National Memorial  The memorial commission created under Congress selected Pubcomm to be their IT and Online Public Outreach developer.
Backend membership system - User IDs required:

-    Created and maintained the web systems for all 4 New York City Airports, including websites and update of schedules, gate construction and advisories. Airports included: Newark Airport, John F. Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Teterboro Airport
-    Designed a PATH Subway intranet LAN database and input system to provide a dynamic customer information system to display 37 channels of multi-lingual alerts, PATH messages, advertisements, time, weather and sports information from the Internet on television sets and through the public address system throughout the PATH subway stations and tracks in New York and New Jersey which service some 217,000 riders daily.

-     Designed and programmed web based meeting registration system to reduce time and paperwork surrounding the Port Authority of NY & NJ Port Commerce International meetings.

-     Designed, constructed and programmed the award winning PATH Subway passenger in-station communication system  allowing Subway passengers to see progress of trains, system alerts, ads and educational programming on view screens throughout every subway station in the system.

-    Created and maintained the only web systems for the NYC World Trade Center including an online database of available office space, directory of mall shops, tourism procedures, photo albums and history, maps etc. until it was retired in 2001.

-     Designed and programmed various web surveys to gain feedback from New York transportation agency customers.

-     Programmed Spanish language touch-screen kiosk version of questionnaire system on Contraception choices including interactive screening and profiling, offering choices and information for the Population Council for use in clinics throughout Latin America.

-     Designed 'electronic slide carousel' system for the Port Authority to produce combination professional and in-house electronic presentations including integration of professional and homemade 'slides', and portable laptop/projector/radio mouse hardware specs for field presentations.

-     Created Population Council palmtop computer project for acquisition and processing of field observations of medical procedures inside rural clinics in South American countries.

-      Produced Multimedia presentation for JFK Airport's 50th anniversary and electronic slideshow for Air Cargo marketing for the three New York airports.

-    Over the years have designed and created numerous multimedia and CD presentations, photographic projects, and print publications for clients to better communicate with specific audiences.

-     Provided spanish language translations and adaptations of web and diskette based medical information pieces for the Population Council for use in clinics throughout Latin America.

-     Created an online Contraception Self-Evaluation Questionnaire featured in Glamour magazine as part of the web site designed and hosted for the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP), a medical association in Washington, D.C.

-     Designed, procured, installed, configured and trained users in a new 30 computer LAN over six floors of MODA, the headquarters and showroom for six major Italian fashion designers including Moschino, Alberta Ferretti, Jean Paul Gautier in New York City. System featured a full time internet connection, internal and external email and file sharing using NT Server and Windows 95, printer and fax sharing and a local database.

-     Designed and implemented a multiple-award winning, dynamic web presence for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey with the goals of enforcing an image inclusive of huge diverse activities and facilities and allowing access to any information in 2 clicks of the mouse without losing access to the rest of the system. While appealing to the public with animations, history and ways to communicate with the Port Authority, it provided an up to the minute resource for the Press, including Press Releases, ordering printed brochures and live contents of new materials online. The system includes private and public web systems for the tunnels, bridges and Manhattan bus terminals, Path train schedules and advisories, maritime facilities and real estate and area Traffic Advisories.
-     Designed and hosted secure Internet Databases for the Lilly Endowment to input and track their grants and the products of those grants. The unique combination of design style and system-wide search and organization ability allowed the Endowment to identify patterns that were previously unclear and led to restructuring of their internal giving initiatives. Grant officers could also use the system from any web terminal to research individual scholars' or institutions' previous involvement in Lilly grants in any capacity or evaluate proposals based on work already funded in the past.

-     Designed and hosted a closed Internet database of bibliographic references in the field of Philanthropy for the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School. System allowed cross indexed references to subjects, authors and issues related to Philanthropy.

-     Designed and implemented TEXT2000, an electronic book system for blind and disabled students to read textbooks on adaptive computers. Adopted by the U.S. Congress as the standard electronic textbook for all the Blind schools in the country, the system had to satisfy book publishers' wide objections to electronic copies, while providing rapid internet distribution and multi-display through large print software, braille devices and voice synthesizing blind access devices. The resulting encryption/compression software engine allowed live online manufacture of each new copy tied to a particular user's hardware key device. This functional screen by screen lock, coupled with a direct section and page text retrieval of the entire contents of printed K-12th grade textbooks, allowed print-handicapped students to instantly use the same textbooks side by side with their non-handicapped peers but with whatever combination of computer access devices their handicap required. Required extensive data conversion from a wide variety of word processing formats, page layout software and databases large and small.

-     Successfully co-bid with Motorola and Four-Phase Systems to replace all the IRS computer systems and the communication interconnect wiring system within each of ten IRS Service Centers throughout the United States. Provided cable system designs, project management plans, supplied all materials and teams of cable technicians to complete all the communications cabling, terminations, testing and acceptance on schedule in all ten cities.

-     Designed backbone communications wiring system for United Technologies 'Smart' Building for use by U.S. Navy in Crystal City, Virginia to support numerous current and future computer and telecommunications needs.

-     Designed, manufactured and installed over 500,000 feet of a proprietary, fire-code acceptable, Teflon coated dual coaxial cable system in the US State Department, Justice Department and Inter American Development Bank used for interconnection of Wang and other midi computer systems.

-     Assembled, tested and provided local delivery and installation of systems products into the Federal Government. These products ranged from the earliest word processors to an evolving range of office automation systems from such companies as Wang, Exxon Office Systems,  Pitney-Bowes and Lexitron/Raytheon.